2018 Trends

I came upon a website called graphicmama.com that introduced the website’s predicted graphic trends of 2018. One is the “glitch” effect, which I personally love. It a design that looks like a phone, tv, or computer glitch layered or warped into the graphic. It is very corrupted, yet simplistic image that is very appealing. The second one is called the “Ruined” affect. It looks as if you spilt something on a portrait, or a rip in a picture that unveils another picture, etc. “Color Channels” is the third 2018 predicted trend that its very trippy. Playing with color channels can create some crazy illusions. Some of the color channel designs looks like the movie screen of a 3D movie when you take your 3D glasses off. The next one listed is “Double Exposure.” Although this is an amazing design, out of all the trends listed, this is my least favorite to look at. For some reason my eye seems to glaze over these designs. However, the “Double Exposure Duotone” is probably my favorite out of all the design trends. It is so modern, different, hallucinatory, and it really grabs my attention. Lastly but not least, “double light” comes in at the bottom of graphic design trends of 2018. After looking at all of the 2018 predicted trends, I noticed that they were all a little similar- they all were edgy.

Along with graphic crazes, the article included topography and illustration trends, popular color transitions and gradients, and negative space trends. Out of all of these, a trend that stood out to me was illustration over graphic. That is something really unique and fresh. I did some of that in Graphic Design and Advertising I, but I want to get better at it. When I eventually have time, I want to create a graphic that includes personal illustration over it- I think it would be a fun project to try.

(Source: https://graphicmama.com/blog/graphic-design-trends-2018/)


One thought on “2018 Trends

  1. This website seems super interesting, and I really want to read more about their predictions for this year’s graphic trends. Each of the pictures you posted in your blog are very intriguing, and like you mentioned, attention-grabbing. I have always loved experimental graphic effects, so I am eager to see if this websites predictions come true!


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